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From experience, we know what it comes down to in the construction industry. CG TEC therefore relies on a collaboration with Solidian GmbH from Albstadt (Germany). In the area of "textile construction", the product range of non-metallic reinforcements in the construction industry has been extended and, for the first time, reinforcement bars (rebars) made of fibre composite plastics (FCP) have been combined under one roof. The aim is long-term implementation of these reinforcements in the construction industry.

The co-operation between Solidian and CG TEC is an impetus for the development of, in particular, FCP rods using glass, basalt and carbon. The focus here is on the manufacture of high performance reinforcement bars with tensile strengths that are six times higher compared with conventional reinforced concrete. Since these rebars do not corrode, the enable permanent concrete structures.

This innovative material is distinguished by many advantages:

  • High tensile strength
  • No electric conductivity (basalt fibre, glass fibre)
  • Low density
  • High resistance to temperature
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Good resistance to acids and alkalis
  • Low thermal conductivity

The materials used in these FCP rods from CG TEC are the same as those in the textile rovings from
Solidian and therefore enhance our range in an ideal way. The large diameter of the round profile sections enables material-compliant reinforcement of components with particularly high local loads, and they are well suited especially in connection with textile reinforcements.

Solidian GmbH is responsible, among other things, for the sale and distribution of rebars. BRP and GRP rebars of different diameters are now available from Solidian.

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