Your industry: Plant and machine construction.

The value of fibre composite components is appreciated more and more from an economical as well as ecological perspective in machine and plant construction. Our tubes/pipes, rods and sheets made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CRP) are used in places where steel and aluminium are stretched to their limits: where light weight and, at the same time, higher clock rates are needed. Thanks to their high rigidity and low density, profile sections made of CRP carbon very often substitute classic metal-based materials.

Our strength: Development of integral solutions for plant and machine construction from elements of the future.

High-tech fibre composite is an important key for the long-term success of your company. Further optimisation of machines and plant systems is hardly conceivable without innovative materials. In collaboration with CG TEC, you can release previously redundant potential: Your personal needs, first class quality and efficient production conditions are core elements here.

How our products enrich your company as well?

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