Our expertise │ Prepreg wrapping technology.

Rohrwicklung mit Carbon in der Fertigung.

Prepreg wrapping technology is a process in which resin impregnated rovings or fabric mats (prepegs) are wrapped around metal pins, which are later removed after hardening in the oven. With this procedure, both layering and the fibre angle can be influenced. Benefits of this technology: Uncomplicated prototype manufacturing and optimum production process for reliable series production.

The areas of application of these CRP carbon fibre, GRP glass fibre and BRP basalt fibre pipes are unlimited: They are used in aerospace, medical technology, machine construction (for example as transport shafts), in robotics with delta robots or in the automotive sector. They have even revolutionised the areas of sport, leisure and lifestyle and also defence (mine detectors) for some time now. Almost every sports item these days is made with fibre composite material. Carbon is also used, for example, in writing implements and in jewellery.

In collaboration with suppliers and customers, CG TEC has a reputation for continuously developing products for innovative applications.