Our expertise │ Sheet compression technology inc. processing.

Platten aus Carbon, Glasfaser oder Basalt.

Many lightweight components are manufactured using prepreg (resin impregnated fabric or roving mats) press technology as a preference. The percentage of fibres is approx. 55%. Epoxy resin serves as a matrix. CG TEC standard sheets are available in sizes up to 1500 mm x 3000 mm. Thicknesses can vary depending on the application from 0.2 to over 10 mm (in our shop there are even carbon sheets with a thickness of 100 mm).Special sizes or sheets with larger thicknesses are made and cut to size on request.

Processing with CNC machines or bonding falls within our area of expertise.

Whether drilling, milling or cutting - our sheets are especially well adapted for further processing. They are therefore used, for example, in a whole range of different areas in industry.