Our products.

Particularly lightweight, durable and corrosion-resistant but also flexible and break-proof. Products made from GRP glass fibre, CRP carbon and BRP basalt can be used in many areas of industry … and have since become a viable option. The demands on modern fibre composite technology, however, are constantly rising: CG TEC is involved in this development and is happy to embrace this challenge – with vision, know-how, innovation and extensive services.

Our high-tech materials are used, for example, in plant and machine construction, in der cable technology as well as in the leisure and sports world. Experts from Spalt (in Germany) stand by you from the concept stage to development, right up to production and mechanical refinement. Our core competency however, lies in the precise manufacture of round and flat profile sections, sheets, rods and other components.

Overview of all products

There is a plethora of solutions in our portfolio for almost any area of industry. From special individually made items up to standardised series production.