CRP tubes and CRP shafts.


•  CRP tubes can be produced with internal diameters from 3 to 90 mm.
•  The external diameter is orientated around your specifications and the layer structure.


The maximum length of CRP tube that can be manufactured is 3000 mm (depending on the coil core).


We offer all CRP tubes in the following surface qualities: raw off the coil, ground and ground & painted. Choose between different paint finishes:

•  Gloss clear coat
•  Matt clear coat
•  Various RAL colours


At the customer's request, we can drill, mill, bond and print our carbon fibre reinforced tubes.

Carbon fibre reinforced plastic tubes and shafts (CRP) are manufactured using prepreg (resin impregnated fabric or rovings) winding technology. The percentage of fibres is about 55%. Epoxy resin and cyanate ester resin service as a matrix. CRP tubes and shafts are made as standard of high tensile (HT) carbon fibre. On request, high modulus (HM) carbon fibres and ultra high modulus (UHM) carbon fibres are also possible or even a combination of different types of fibres.

Our strength: Together with our customers, we develop and produce individual and customer-specific pipes, tubes and sub-assemblies.

Direction (orientation) of CRP tube fibres

The properties of CRP tubes vary according to the fibre and its orientation. Depending on the fibre angle chosen, it is possible to engineer a whole range of lamination properties in a targeted manner.

  • Unidirectional fibres (in longitudinal direction of tube): High flexural stiffness, high pull-push strength
  • 90° fibres (in radial direction of tube): High pressure stability against radial strain
  • ±45° fibres: High strength against torsional strain
  • 0/90° woven fibres (plain weave or twill weave): Typical carbon appearance


CRP carbon shaft – quality-driven success

A prestigious product is the CRP carbon shaft with bearing ring and hub. The shafts are distinguished by perfect concentricity and optimum fit.

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