Refinement of fibre composite materials.

All from a single source – based on this principle, we continue to enhance our expertise. Not just in matters relating to prepreg wrapping technology, pultrusion technology or sheet compression technology is CG TEC your reliable partner. It is also there when it comes to processing, machining and refinement of fibre composite materials.

Processing and machining of fibre composite materials is complex and requires years of expertise. Common machining methods are drilling, milling, sawing, lathe turning and bonding.

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At CG TEC, we only use first class equipment. Depending on the requirement, carbide drills or diamond bits are used.

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Our carbide or diamond milling tools with special geometries are perfectly suited for machining fibre composite components with precision. The service life of carbide milling tools is very long, which means greater cost effectiveness.


With our saws and their diamond saw blades, CG TEC machines fibre composite materials according to customer requirement. Small and also larger quantities are cut to the right length by our team.

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Lathe turning

Lathe turning of fibre composite materials should really be left to the professionals. Our team is not just well versed in the application but also has the right equipment to hand.

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At the customer's request, we bond individual components to form a sub-assembly. To bond fibre composite materials, we use high quality adhesives that assure that bonded joints in small areas have the capacity to bear loads.

Sanding / grinding

Be it one component or larger quantities - thanks to our modern machine parks, we are able to sand and grind rods and pipes into cylindrical as well as conical forms. Speak to our experts.

Any questions about our machining and processing options?

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